Enhance Your Microlearning with Video Webinar

Designing instructional videos your learners will watch and retain doesn’t need to be time consuming to create or consume.

For this webinar we brought together two leading training professionals to share their expertise. Karl Kapp and Keith Anderson speak on microlearning video concepts that make it easy for you to quickly generate small bursts of effective learning. We also showed how you can apply those concepts to your animated training videos.

Watch to learn about:
  • How to use animation to explain concepts in ways people will quickly grasp
  • Effective microlearning that moves learning forward
  • Subscription based learning vs. event based learning
  • Blended learning with video
  • Training designers to flip their thinking for animated microlearning
  • Keeping it simple and honing in on your message; clearing out the noise
  • Conditioned learning techniques you can apply to video
Want to learn more about how Keith and Karl incorporate microlearning into training? Read how Keith and his team at Orchard Supply Hardware deployed over 70 unique video modules for their product knowledge library in four short months.

Scroll down to the video below watch Karl answer GoAnimate customers' eLearning industry questions.

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