Orchard Supply Hardware Takes a Blended Approach to MicroLearning Videos

How a Team of 3 Created 70 Videos in 4 Months

The Power of GoAnimate

70 videos

By three trainers in three months.


Demonstrating increased engagement.

<4 hours

To produce an entire 60-second video.

1 minute

Off the sales floor for video training.

Customer Success Story

Orchard Supply Hardware uses GoAnimate to create training videos for its Product Knowledge Library. These videos have been a huge success. Retention rates are high and employees even share the videos with customers. 

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You'll read about how Orchard Supply Hardware's trainers:

  • Produced 70 unique modules in 4 months
  • Created training videos in < 4 hours
  • Immediately impacted sales performance
  • Earned 4,000 video views